About the “East of Europe” blog

You can find my personal website featuring an investigation into corruption in Ukraine’s energy sector at http://www.graham-stack.com

I am a journalist covering former Soviet Union countries who has written for business new europe, Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Network, RFE/RL, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Private Eye, Re:Baltica, Russia Profile, Levyi Bereg, Kyiv Post and other publications.

The blog is more an archive of selected articles, news and comments on capitalism and politics in the former Soviet Union, especially Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Moldova.

I am currently based in Kiev, Ukraine. I was born and grew up in Glasgow, UK, and studied East European Studies and History in Berlin, Germany.

Contact me at: graham.stack[AT]googlemail.com


One response to “About the “East of Europe” blog

  1. marco fantini

    Dear Graham,

    just a quick comment: I used to follow developments in Russia, Belarus professionally some years back and now need to get an update of the latest developments, so I came across your article. I found it really excellent – it’s very clear, to the point, up-to-date and well researched. Congratulations!

    I’ll certainly check out your blog again in the future!

    All the best,


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